Presentation at ISMS2018

This year I participated the Informs Society for Marketing Science Conference in Philadelphia. I presented a research that I work on together with Victoria Grigorieva, Yana Salihova and Florian Dost. This is an ongoing research, and we are trying to capture the dynamics of ecosystems on the market of mobile devices in order to see, when the ecosystems start exhibiting the features of monopolies. We had troubles with the data and could not do much until a couple of weeks before the presentation. As a result the presentation is slightly all over the place. But this is one of the first steps in our research and, hopefully we will be able to do more.

Here are the slides if anyone is interested.

Philadelphia is a slightly weird city: it has nice architecture in the city centre and very nice university, but some of the areas of the city are pretty scary. I lived in one of these areas… I wasn’t mugged or insulted anyhow, but I didn’t really enjoy going around that area. I had to switch on Russian in myself and look scary just in case.

Still, this was an interesting experience, and the conference was fun. Local beer is also nice, so give it a try if you have an opportunity.

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