Seminar and presentation at Bath University

Last week I have visited Bath University, where Dr. Fotios Petropoulos works. He organised a scientific seminar, where I could present my recent research on topic “One for all: forecasting intermittent and non-intermittent demand using one model“. The presentation was well received and rose several interesting questions from the participants of the seminar, which will help me further improve the research. After the presentation we had a brainstorm session in the group of twelve forecasters (who arrived to Bath from different UK universities for the seminar). This was an interesting and inspiring experience. Finally, we had a very pleasant dinner in Nepalese restaurant. That was a very exciting, productive and pleasant day, thanks to Fotios Petropoulos!

Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos from the event in order to prove that it really happened, so you will have to believe my words.

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