I was recently invited to attend the SMUG2019 conference (SMoothie Users Group), organised by Demand Works company in New York. They asked me to present two topics:

  1. State space ARIMA for Supply Chain Forecasting, based on which I have developed a module for Smoothie a couple of years ago,
  2. Artificial Intelligence in Business, one of the modern hot topics that the company wanted to know a little bit more about.

Presentation at SMUG2019

The conference was interesting, showing what the company does and what it stands for. They are doing a good job in developing the software for forecasting and inventory control and supporting their users. Plus, I finally had a chance to meet in person with both founders of the company (Bill Tonetti and Eric Townson), as well as with the other members of their team. Overall, it was a pleasant experience and an interesting event.

As for the presentations, they seemed to go well, and the participants of the conference looked satisfied. Here are the slides:

  1. SMUG2019 – Svetunkov – ARIMA
  2. SMUG2019 – Svetunkov – AI in Business

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