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About the author

Ivan Svetunkov is a Lecturer of Marketing Analytics at Lancaster University, UK and a Marketing Director of Centre for Marketing Analytics and Forecasting. He has PhD in Management Science from Lancaster University and a candidate degree in economics from Saint Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance, Russia. His areas of interests includes statistical methods of analytics and forecasting, focusing on demand forecasting in healthcare, supply chain and retail. He is a creator and a maintainer of several forecasting- and analytics-related R packages, such as greybox (Svetunkov, 2023a), smooth (Svetunkov, 2023b) and legion (Svetunkov and Pritularga, 2023).

LinkedIn, Twitter, Open Forecasting website, SoundCloud, ResearchGate, StackExchange, StackOverflow and GitHub.


• Svetunkov, I., 2023a. Greybox: Toolbox for model building and forecasting. https://github.com/config-i1/greybox R package version
• Svetunkov, I., 2023b. Smooth: Forecasting using state space models. https://github.com/config-i1/smooth R package version
• Svetunkov, I., Pritularga, K.F., 2023. Legion: Forecasting using multivariate models. https://github.com/config-i1/legion R package version 0.1.2