About the author

Ivan Svetunkov is a Lecturer of Marketing Analytics at Lancaster University, UK and a Marketing Director of Centre for Marketing Analytics and Forecasting. He has PhD in Management Science from Lancaster University and a candidate degree in economics from Saint Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance. His areas of interest include statistical methods of analytics and forecasting, focusing on demand forecasting in supply-chain and retail. He is a creator and maintainer of several forecasting- and analytics-related R packages, such as greybox (Svetunkov, 2022b), smooth (Svetunkov, 2023) and legion (Svetunkov and Pritularga, 2022).

LinkedIn, Twitter, Open Forecasting website, SoundCloud, ResearchGate, StackExchange, StackOverflow and GitHub.


• Svetunkov, I., 2023. Smooth: Forecasting using state space models. https://github.com/config-i1/smooth R package version
• Svetunkov, I., 2022b. Greybox: Toolbox for model building and forecasting. https://github.com/config-i1/greybox R package version 1.0.7
• Svetunkov, I., Pritularga, K.F., 2022. Legion: Forecasting using multivariate models. https://github.com/config-i1/legion R package version