useR!2019 in Toulouse, France

Salut mes amis!

Today I’ve presented my smooth package at the useR!2019 conference in Toulouse, France. This is a nice conference, focused on specific solutions to specific problems. Here, people tend to present functions from their packages (not underlying models, like, for example, at ISF). On one hand, this has its own limitations, but on the other hand, this is nice, because attending the conference, one can find out, what specific solutions there are for different problems. For example, now I know what packages I can use for the anomaly detection or text mining. This is quite handy for the practising analysts.

The presentation itself seemed to have gone okay, although I did not feel comfortable standing in one place and talking in the microphone. They restricted my freedom! But this was necessary in order to record the presentation… I would prefer to roam free and shout rather than stand in one place and use microphone… But that’s the price that one has to pay :).

The slides from the presentation can be downloaded from here.

UPDATE: The video of the presentation is now available on the R Consortium YouTube channel:

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