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Have you encountered the term “Business Analytics” in your life? If not, then you are probably wondering what it means. If yes, then again, you are probably wondering what it means. It is a term that is used nowadays instead of such terms as “Operations Research” and “Management Science”. It is a discipline that covers a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods that can be used in practice for real life decisions. It uses methods and approaches from different scientific areas, including statistics, forecasting, optimisation, operations management etc. These lecture notes are focused on the core of quantitative side of the discipline - statistics. While there are many books on statistics, the author failed to find one that would be focused on the application of statistics both for analysis and forecasting and would rely on modern statistical approaches.

These lecture notes relies heavily on the greybox package for R, which focuses on forecasting using regression models. In order to run examples from the lecture notes, you would need to install this package (Svetunkov, 2022):


A very important thing to note is that these lecture notes do not use tidyverse packages. I like base R, and, to be honest, I am sure that tidyverse packages are great, but I have never needed them in my research. So, I will not use pipeline operators, tibble or tsibble objects and ggplot2. It is assumed throughout the lecture notes that you can do all those nice tricks on your own if you want to.

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If you use LaTeX, the following can be used instead:

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• Svetunkov, I., 2022. Greybox: Toolbox for model building and forecasting. R package version 1.0.7